Vibrant Landscapes (electroacoustic) – Dance Piece

May 22, 2016

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“Arising from the bosom of the earth and submitting to its physical laws, odd creatures wander. Their presence affects the territories they glide through. They sculpt and are being sculpted by space and sound, passing through landscapes or becoming themselves Vibrant Landscapes.”

Collaboration with the french choreographer Claire Hurpeau with whom I worked intensively for 2 months to create this piece.

from Claire Hurpeau’s website

Vibrant Landscapes has been created for the Young Choreographer event  which  took place on January 23d in the Medientheater of ZKM, in Karlsruhe, Germany. This event was a proposal from Sasha Waltz and ZKM, to give the opportunity to the dancer from Sasha Waltz’ exhibition to show their own work.

It started as a wish to work on body qualities and abstract body shapes, in order to question alternative dance aesthetics.

The piece got good feedback and it was included in reviews:

“[…] Claire Hurpeau’s co-operation with composer José Rafael Subía Valdez revealed the superior quality a performance can achieve if sound and choreography emerge simultaneously. I have hardly ever seen, and listened to, a performance that achieved an organic equivalence between sound and dance such as Vibrant Landscapes did. A fine example of electroacoustic avant garde composition at a location where pioneer Ludger Brümmer teaches and does research on electronic avant garde music.”