Miro a Miró (electroacoustic)

April 13, 2016

Inspired on the paintings by the catalan painter Joan Miró, where it is common to find surrealist and abstract landscapes full of symbology; where an asterisk represents a flower or a blue paint stroke can be a river. This piece tries to join electronically produced, processed and pure concrete sounds in on surrealist soundscape. In this soundscape, the concrete sounds become abstract but never loose their essence. The listener recognizes these sounds and lets him/her-self be taken by these “familiar” sounds in this unusual environment, a non-real world where its possible for these sounds to live together in an organic and natural way. “Miro a Miró” is a piece that invites us to close our eyes and let ourselves be surrounded by this soundscape. It urges us to “look” at those sounds and follow them. These will be our guides in this exotic world where they interact.