Dianoia Italian Premier

9 de July, 2018

Vertixe Sonora Ensemble has chosen my 2016 piece for ensemble and live electronics for one of their concerts in Italy during the For this version, I have revized the computer software developed with Pure Data and produced a new version of the electronics.     Dianoia Italian Premier

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RSVP preset system presentation @LAC2018

11 de June, 2018

The RSVP preset system was presented in the Linux Audio Conference 2018 in Berlin – Germany. The paper can be found here: and the paper presentation of the system is embedded below. for more information about this project please refer here: Pure Data preset system

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Linux Audio Conference 2018

15 de April, 2018

Very happy to have been accepted to the Linux Audio Conference 2018 to take part in Berlin. In this occasion, I will be presenting a paper describing the RSVP preset system that I developed in Pure Data and that I use for my work. In this same conference, I will be premiering my piece for Alto Saxophone and Live Electronics that I wrote for the Italian composer/improviser Christian Ferlaino. More information soon to come

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17 de October, 2017

I recently started experimenting with live electronic improvisation. It has triggered interesting ideas for my other work and I have decided to keep doing it and explore more. Here is more info about this new project. Baldness

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“Aquí Estoy Otra Vez” – [Documentary on P. Barriga]

3 de May, 2017

Last year I was honored to work in the documentary that portraited the work of the Ecuadorian visual artist, Pablo Barriga, Today I am happy to share that the documentary has been selected for the “Edocs” festival in Ecuador starting on the 10th of may.

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Incidental Music for Documentary

29 de October, 2016

Pablo Barriga won the prestigious Mariano Aguilera prize in 2015. Barriga’s production is one of the most interesting conceptual collections in Ecuador’s modern art. The reflective substance in his pieces involves political and sociological thinking, not to mention a profound criticism of Ecuador’s artistic situation. I was invited to compose some incidental music and ambiance by the film crew that is producing a documentary about his work. For this, I feel excited, honored and nervous as I have known Pablo for a number of years.

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New commission for Trombone & Live Electronics

29 de October, 2016

I am happy to have been selected for the “Composing for …” Project that Psappha Ensemble runs for a few years now. This project will include the production of a piece for trombone and live electronics. The work will be played by Psappha and documented on their website and youtube channel. I am excited to start this project with a trip to Manchester to meet with the player for the first time and start the process. For more information about this ensemble, please visit their web page here.  

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Emic Reverie (for a late summer sun) – piano & percussion

8 de June, 2016

In 2014, I was contacted by the pianist Rei Nakamura and the percussionist Pascal Pons and asked to write a duo for Piano & Percussion to be premiered in Japan on the 31st of May of 2015. The project was based on a version for 2 pianos and 2 percussionists of The Rite of Spring that they had been preparing together with the Japanese pianist Sumiko Hioki Hasegawa and the percussionist Takayoshi Yoshioka. Nakamura asked me to compose this duo having the Stravinsky masterpiece in mind. After brainstorming and playing around with some…

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Vertixe Sonora Ensemble

31 de May, 2016

On the 28th of June, Vertixe Sonora Ensemble will be premiering “Dianoia” [bass fl., alto sax, vln, cello & live electronics] a new piece written exclusively for the ensemble. I will be visiting Santiago de Compostela from the 24th of June and have a couple of conferences/presentations also (check out my events page for details). Visit the Ensemble’s webpage to find out more about the festival and their other projects.

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Quatour Diotima visits The University of Edinburgh

20 de February, 2016

On the 18th of February of 2016, the famous and prestigious Quator Diotima visited the University of Edinburgh. The Quartet had a “reading”,organized by Prof. Peter Nelson, of Post-graduate composition students. My first string quartet “Closeness is an Opportunity to be Cruel” was included in the reading and I was very excited to listen to my piece played by this impressive quartet.       About the piece: The piece talks about human relations and the fine line that appears when people grow close to each other intimately. There is a point…

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