Welcome to my website, here you will find information regarding my work in different fields of research and production. Find out about my projects that involve music production and computer programming in the “projects” page; you may also run into articles, academic papers and presentations. In this welcoming page you can listen to my latest release but if you navigate to the “media” page you can listen to this and previous pieces while reading about them. Sometimes you can watch videos of live performances and audio/visual pieces. Just click on the arrow to find more about each piece. In my “events” page you can find out where I am presenting pieces next.

I am currently doing my Ph.D. in Composition at the University of Edinburgh in the U.K. My project involves the production of contemporary music repertoire that includes live electronics and acoustic instruments. The computer programs developed for these pieces are designed to work independently assuring the possibility of them being played without the composer being present and producing structured electronic parts that allow the pieces to be traditionally scored, this means that both,  the instrument and computer part are notated.

Although my education was primarily in Electroacoustic music, I have dedicated some time to purely acoustic pieces. These, focus on the relationship between the unaware sonic phenomena and the techniques necessary to emphasize them. A concept that I describe as being part of the contemplation process of visual art. The repetition of the same sonic “image” from different lights and angles that slowly reveal the underlying beauty of these hidden universes. This concept also involves the re-dimensioning of objects to create new imageries and observe their texture, color, and form differently; often involving the use of subtle materials that produce soft sounds and require a concentrated listening of the music.


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