Chiral (piano & live electronics)

May 22, 2016

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Premiered the 29th of November of 2013 during the “Piano+” program as part of the Imatronik Festival at the Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (Z.K.M.) in Karlsruhe – Germany, Chiral was composed for Rei Nakamura as part as the Movement2Sound, Sound2Movement project.

The audio is from the premier at ZKM and the video is from the concert in Edinburgh (2014) after being played a number of times.

  • program note:

Inspired on the chemical definition of the word, Chiral is a piece that tries to apply some of this chemical property into music. The simplest example of chirality is seen in our hands, both are alike and symmetrical, but you cannot superimpose one another. It seemed interesting to me to write a piece thinking of the uniqueness of our hands when playing the piano; for example, some chords can be played by only one particular hand, left or right. Furthermore, the relationship between the piano and the computer-generated sounds are always related symmetrically in time, gesture or pitch. Conceptually, symmetry is also considered in its form and sonority. As the piece evolves, the piano goes from a traditional type of playing to an extended and evolved construction of complex gestures that change the center of interest from the piano music to the computer music.

Chiral was also played during the Linux Audio Conference 2014 from which a review stated:

” […] This applied also to “Chiral” by Jose? Rafael Subia Valdez, an interaction between live controlled
electronic music and piano on which the pianist Rei Nakamura accurate to the pulses from the
speakers responded – unfortunately the only piece with the inclusion of an acoustic, “souled”
instrument that evening […]”.

source: Badische Latest News | Karlsruhe | CULTURE IN LONDON | 05/03/2014

Chiral Score and Pure Data Patch. (if you desire these files, please contact me via the “contact” tab in my website)